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Sai aka 'Afro Kitty Dude' by RaidenRaccoon Sai aka 'Afro Kitty Dude' :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 0 0 Zombie Raiden - Full Body by RaidenRaccoon
Mature content
Zombie Raiden - Full Body :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 1 0
Zombie Raiden by RaidenRaccoon
Mature content
Zombie Raiden :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 0 0
Afro Kitty Dude Sketch by RaidenRaccoon Afro Kitty Dude Sketch :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 0 0
Escape - Prologue Shadow the Hedgehog. Ultimate Life Form and GUN Agent – a deadly combination. My life use to be a living hell, but I had a revelation and turned it around. I made amends and began working for the very people I once believed were my enemy; the Guardians of the United Nations, also known as GUN. Everything seemed to be in the right place for me, I finally had a normal life. It's unfortunate how quickly things can fall apart...
It started off as a normal day; I was assigned a mission to infiltrate a research facility on suspicions of  WMDs being designed there and built and stored off site. My own suspicions should have risen when it was a fellow GUN agent whom gave me the mission details instead of my normal assignment officer. But I believed I could take on anything, so I accepted. Shortly after breaking in the facility, I was ambushed. They were just simple humans in lab coats, I thought I could get away without breaking a sweat. But I was wrong. They began bab
:iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 6 21
Leaving Sanctuary
Leaving Sanctuary
7 sighed deeply as she gazed below at the empty ruins from the windowsill of the cathedral; their home, their sanctuary, their prison…
The sun hadn't been seen in months as clouds of poison loomed in the air; the last remnants of organic life had disappeared some months ago as the world became eerily quiet. This was soon after the machines raided the city, mercilessly eliminating all in their path. Through the madness and chaos, 7 and a group of her fellow stitchpunks found refuge in an old cathedral, where they waited as the massacre outside slowly subsided over time. For a moment they believed they were safe; that there was nothing left out there.
But…ever since the beast appeared several weeks ago, no one was allowed to leave under 1's strict orders and it was tearing at 7's soul to just sit around and wait for the creature to find them. They had no supplies, they had no knowledge of this monster, they had no way of protecting themselves against it
:iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 5 15
The Tale of Rai Chapter 1
The Tale of Rai
Chapter 1 – A New Friend

Rai sat on the steps of what use to be a home, sharpening his blade with a stone as he watched the sun begin to set on the horizon. He hadn't seen the cat beast in about two years since he claimed its fang. In a way, he kind of missed the creature. With a sigh, he flipped the razor's blade back inside the wooden handle. Lifting up his jacket, he placed his weapon into his torso.
He laid back on the step, deep in thought as he closed his eyes. A sense of depression had hung over him as time went on. His mind replayed his entire life over and over, particularly the day he lost Vianna. Without the beast around to occupy his thoughts, his mind kept bringing his past back to haunt him…he still felt that it was his fault…
His unwanted memories were suddenly interrupted by a loud crash not too far away. It sounded sort of like a garbage can being knocked over. Thrilled, Rai hopped off the steps and sprinted towards the source of t
:iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 1 2
Mature content
The Tale of Rai Prologue Pt. 3 :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 0 11
The Tale of Rai Prologue Pt. 2
The Tale of Rai
Prologue Part 2 – To Survive

My hands slowly slid off of my face. I'd lost track of time…I had no idea how many hours or even days had past by now. I was too lost in my own pain and guilt that I sort of blanked out from the world. I pushed myself up…it was unnervingly quiet, nothing but the sound of the wind.
I peaked around the wall…my jaw dropped in horror. Bodies laid lifeless all over the streets; men, women and children. I quickly backed away in shock and ran, unknowingly towards the shopping district. Nearly every building I passed was nothing but the foundation. Those machines totaled the entire city…
I cautiously walked into an old building. By its condition I could tell it was abandoned long before the war began with the machines. It seemed like it use to be a toy shop; some wooden sculptures and rag dolls were still placed on the shelves. I involuntarily rubbed the ribbon on my left arm as I gazed around. The atmosphere was e
:iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 0 0
Mature content
The Tale of Rai Prologue Pt. 1 :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 1 0
Pyro Raiden by RaidenRaccoon Pyro Raiden :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 10 8 Raiden Raccoon by RaidenRaccoon Raiden Raccoon :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 13 14 Desktop - Gaming PC by RaidenRaccoon Desktop - Gaming PC :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 0 6 Dev ID by RaidenRaccoon Dev ID :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 0 19 Creature - Mutant Lycan by RaidenRaccoon Creature - Mutant Lycan :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 0 2
Mature content
The Immortals Chapter 7 :iconraidenraccoon:RaidenRaccoon 3 2

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I can't have you by AimyNeko I can't have you :iconaimyneko:AimyNeko 1,134 63 Free female canine lineart. by AgentWhiteHawk Free female canine lineart. :iconagentwhitehawk:AgentWhiteHawk 247 13 Dust: An Elysian Tail by DanSyron Dust: An Elysian Tail :icondansyron:DanSyron 1,089 142 A Multitude Of Sins by Culpeo-Fox A Multitude Of Sins :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,551 73 Thrushpelt by ashkey Thrushpelt :iconashkey:ashkey 432 49 Busy hands by chutkat Busy hands :iconchutkat:chutkat 108 7 SUP by SilverDeni SUP :iconsilverdeni:SilverDeni 339 40 I'm a real Wild Child by SilverDeni I'm a real Wild Child :iconsilverdeni:SilverDeni 467 9 Bella Notte by grievousfan Bella Notte :icongrievousfan:grievousfan 1,250 182 Circle of Chaos by StePandy Circle of Chaos :iconstepandy:StePandy 876 97


Myself and halloweennut are doing a Fluttercord Anastasia AU Project consisting of a fanfic, videos & music.

Halloweennut has re-written the lyrics to tracks from Anastasia, I will be remixing the instrumentals and mixing the vocals.

This is where you guys come in. We need singers to sing & record the re-written lyrics so I can have vocals to add to the music.

We're looking for the following (main roles):
Fluttershy | Anastasia (Deadline July 10th 2014)
Discord | Dimitri (Deadline September 1st 2014)
Shining Armor | Vlad (Deadline September 1st 2014)
Cadence | Sophie (Deadline September 1st 2014)
Tirek | Rasputin (Deadline September 1st 2014)

Overall we’re looking for talent in regards to singing in general. Staying on key, minimal voice cracking, etc.

Being able to sing ‘in character’ is just a bonus!

Mic quality is also a key factor. The less background noise & the more clearer the voice quality, the better!

The singer that has been chosen will be required to sing and record all the character’s parts. This may include whole songs.

However, singer can record a few verses, send them, and record more later. Doesn’t have to be in one go!

Recordings MUST be in either .WAV or 320Kbps MP3. If needed, I will direct you to a free program that can render your recording in .wav.

Send an email to:
Subject/Title: Audition - (Character/Role Name HERE) (ex: Audition - Fluttershy)

Attach a file (Video or Audio - any format will be fine as long as it’s not a project file) of you singing, either in your own voice or an imitation of the character, portions of 1 or more songs from Anastasia

If preferred, uploading your audition to YouTube and emailing a link is acceptable.


At least 2 days after the deadline.

I’ll go ahead and say that if you do not hear back by the 15th of that month, you can be sure you didn’t make the part.

This project is a non-profit parody. Tracks will NOT be sold - none of us will gain any money from this. It is just for fun. No copyright intended. We fully know who are the original creators & owners of the content and will make sure anyone working on and viewing the final project knows this as well.

20th Century Fox
David Newman (Conductor)
Lynn Ahrens (Lyrics)
Stephen Flaherty (Composer)
  • Listening to: 32GB of music on my PSP


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